Our Philosophy

You’ve heard the saying, “It all starts with an idea.” Well, at Hot Tomali we’ve built our philosophy on idea-driven communications. Ideas should not be constrained by outdated approaches. Media is currently evolving at a rapid pace, and the only way to ensure you can cut through the clutter is to differentiate your communications with strategic and unfiltered ideas that resonate with your audience.

Hot Tomali has evolved its best practices and proprietary techniques to effectively manage online, broadcast, and traditional communications. We work closely with you to identify your audience, refine your messaging, and communicate the key insights you are trying to tell.

We pride ourselves in our approach to taking a project from concept to execution — the most important element of our methodology being our commitment to client collaboration. Each stage of our workflow is intentionally designed to ensure that you have contributed your feedback and agree with the direction.

As an independent agency that has thrived since 1998, Hot Tomali’s success is anchored to its practice of Kaizen. Japanese for “change for the better”, the Kaizen business philosophy focuses on continuous improvement of processes, but also centres on embracing the human element of work. Our mindset fosters an individual ownership for incremental improvement, so that together the Hot Tomali team can continuously create greater success for you.

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