Google has recently made some major changes in regards to its mobile searches. Since the change on April 21, there has been a lot of publicity regarding the Google mobile friendly update, a new algorithm Google launched which was meant to greatly change mobile search results, giving preference to mobile ready web sites over non mobile ready web sites.

More and more searches are being done via mobile device by people on the go, looking for directions, places to eat or the name of the guy in that movie who looks like the person standing inline in front of you at Starbucks, Google search results will now use mobile friendliness as a ranking signal. This change and emphasis on mobile usage will result in easier to read, relevant results for people searching on their mobile devices, but less traffic and engagement for sites who have yet to make bridge the gap from desktop to IPhone.

There are a number of SEO metric companies tracking the update, however, they’ve yet to see huge changes in Google mobile ranking algorithm… But its only a matter of time. SearchMetrics’, Marcus Tober complied who he believes are the winners and losers of the Mobile revolution. He believe that Mobilegeddon is here, the significant changes will be more and more visible within the next couple of weeks.

Mobilegeddon has happened and you and you site have to evolve with the times. If you try going to your own homepage on your cell and it’s wonky, weird and confusing, take a look at Google’s “Guide to Mobile-Friendly Sites.” Check for glitches, clean URLs, concise content and clickable buttons (that work). You can check out how your site will look once it’s become mobile-friendly because we know, you don’t want to miss a thing.

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