We don’t often blow our own trumpets or celebrate the success of projects as much as we should. But this week, Hot Tomali has launched another exciting project. Working collaboratively with the City of Vancouver, we’ve developed a road safety campaign aimed at reducing the volume of road traffic accidents within Vancouver. Road safety is a serious issue here in Vancouver, and, statistically speaking, we live in one of the most dangerous cities in Canada. Around 620 pedestrians injured in traffic collisions each year. The “People are Fragile” campaign aims to reduce that number by highlighting the consequences of inconsiderate and incorrect behaviour.

The result: an intriguing, direct campaign targeting pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists via out-of-home media that is supported online. We also created some clever street writing at some hot spots throughout the city.

This campaign is just part of a long-term commitment to make Vancouver a safer city. You may notice countdown lights in the top 10 accident locations and the Vancouver police department handing out an increased amount of $100 tickets for jaywalking. So watch out!

Enough talk; here’s some of the work.

PSA and Bus Decal
People Are Fragile Campaign Website

There have been a number of Press Releases on the campaign of late:

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