Telerik Unveils  and Previews .NET Tooling

If your company uses Microsoft .NET, this is an event you won’t want to miss!  On May 13th, 11am Eastern time, Hot Tomali’s partner, Telerik (developer of Sitefinity CMS link) is  holding a exclusive sneak peak to unveil and demo brand new Telerik technologies. We are extending our invitation to our own customers to see first hand, the roadmaps for the various technologies we implement for them.

With out further adieu, we invite you to join us at their showcase: What’s Next In App Development. You’ll learn how developers can prepare for the future of web application development and about what technologies Telerik has been working on.

Web application development has changed significantly during the 17 years Hot Tomali has been in business.  When we started, HTML tables with animated GIFs were cutting edge.  Today, with the onslaught of mobile and other disruptive technologies,  development has radically shifted, challenging developers to rethink the very fundamentals of app development. From the forces of mobility, to the increasing inevitability of open source and the growing complexity of connecting legacy systems to modern apps, app development is ever changing.   Thus, new opportunities are being presented to those who want to grow their lines of business.   It all starts with keeping your developers educated and enabled to take advantages of changes that relegate stagnant companies to the sidelines.

Want us to save you a seat?

Our ongoing commitment to our customers

The Telerik presentation will show their roadmap for application development.  After the presentation, we invite you to schedule a one on one discussion with one of our trained managers to discuss how Telerik’s roadmap can work for your enterprise and answer any further questions.

During the session you will learn about:

  • Building cross-platform mobile apps by visually generating your app then customizing the app using familiar web technologies.
  • Connecting to legacy data systems then creating responsive web apps that address any device or form factor.
  • Empowering new Microsoft technologies, including ASP.NET 5, MVC 6, Visual Studio 2015, Spartan, C# 6, as well our enhancements to these technologies.

If you can’t make it, do not worry. Sign up and we’ll send you the recording.

See you there,

The Hot Tomali team

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