We ended the year by wrapping up our virtual workers online advertising campaign for the City of Penticton. In this digital age working remotely is becoming more and more popular. Getting the work/life balance down often means varying degrees of flexibility with your employer. A few members of our staff currently work remotely on a full time/flexible basis and the benefits are clear. No commuting gives you more time to be productive but also allows your schedule to accommodate your family and commitments.

The overarching goal for the Campaign is to grow the population of Penticton and raise awareness about its unique lifestyle attractions, and to cause virtual workers to research the community, visit and make the decision to relocate to Penticton.

Campaign tactics have been designed to specifically address the following three Key Objectives:

1. Raise Awareness of City of Penticton
2. Attraction of virtual workers as tourists/potential residents
3. Identify best Practices for attraction of target demographic

Creative Strategy and Platform
The campaign “PentictonWorks” was developed in order to differentiate marketing activities from those of other city and tourism initiatives. All communications developed under the PentictonWorks umbrella are focused on the three Key Objectives with an aim on attracting more virtual workers to the region.

Several display and text based online ads were developed to promote PentictonWorks to the masses online. Posts in social media were tagged with the hashtag #PentictonWorks (this was chosen as it’s on-brand and unique to this campaign—something Penticton can own), and wherever possible include the tagline “Work virtually. Live the dream.”

A big part of the focus on this campaign has been to not only reach potential virtual workers, but to build and sustain an audience of potential virtual workers. This initial campaign is a platform that’s being built to facilitate ongoing communications with the target audience. This is accomplished by building and maintaining followers on social media channels.

Since launch on October 20, social media channel growth for PentictonWorks has been strong:

  • Facebook
    2,712 Likes (Followers)
    130+ Posts
  • Twitter
    155 Tweets
  • Instagram
    27 Posts

We’ve also generated awareness and conversions via the Google AdWords network:

  • Impressions (Views): 6,184,180
  • Clicks: 23,888
  • Avg. CPC: $0.39

All of the channels work to spread awareness about the lifestyle and opportunity available, and they positively reinforce Penticton as the location to be chosen for virtual workers. Much of the content that is syndicated via social media originates from the blog we’ve created, PentictonWorks.ca.

PentictonWorks.ca activity is as follows:

  • User Sessions: 21,653
  • Page Views: 26,023
  • Average Time on Page: 1:55

Hot Tomali even spent a week working from a flex space in Penticton as part of the campaign.

We look forward to more results over the coming months and kickstarting the next phase of the project.

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