About a year ago, we posted a blog article called “Is it a bird? Is it a plane? … No, it’s a 2-year-old on a Kiddimoto”. The article covers the innovative approach that a small family business in Roetgen, Germany took to building children’s bikes with the introduction of LIKEaBIKE. Their theory was that by introducing kids to bikes without a crank or pedals, they would be able to master their balance simply by using two wheels and their own two feet.


LIKEaBIKE is designed with child safety in mind. Although lightweight (approx 3.5 kg), quality materials such as birch, beech plywood, aluminum, and the use of high grade steel fasteners ensure that a LIKEaBIKE can withstand any amount of rough and tumble. The saddle can be adjusted for height as your child grows. In addition, the cotton saddle cover is removable and fully washable.

Our son Samuel got a LIKEaBIKE just before his second birthday. The bike performed just as advertised. He was able to instantly maneuver around, and by the time he was three he was weaving in and around people with poise and confidence on the sea wall here in Vancouver. He has clearly loved his LIKEaBIKE from day one, and he’s gotten every bit as much joy out of it, if not more, than any child could have had on a tricycle or traditional pedal bike with training wheels.

The real question, however, is: “Are these two-wheel push bikes more effective at teaching balance than a traditional pedal bike with training wheels?”

Well, today, after two years on the LIKEaBIKE we thought we’d try our son out on a standard pedal bike. We wanted to see if he could pick it up without training wheels.

Obviously the LIKEaBIKE experiment was a resounding success. This product not only provided years of enjoyment for our child, but it looked cool, and the all-wood design is environmentally friendly (not to mention lighter) than a traditional bike. And, most importantly, this product innovation actually changed the way our son learned balance—this will undoubtedly have an impact on his ability to adapt to other sports and life skills, as good balance is a fundamental skill for so many activities.

LIKEaBIKE has taken something as simple as the bike and reinvented it in a way that has a strong and meaningful impact.

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