About Sitefinity

Progress Sitefinity™ is a content management and customer analytics platform developed by Progress®. Sitefinity CMS has received broad industry recognition as an innovative digital marketing platform, noted for its superior usability and powerful developer capabilities along with multilingual support.

  • Sitefinity allows customers on Microsoft’s family of products to manage their websites, mobile and marketing campaigns from one integrated environment.
  • Sitefinity’s tools and services can be adopted individually or integrated with other platforms to create web applications that handle simple and complex processing models.
  • Globally, more than 130,000 customers from 60,000 organizations in 94 countries depend on Progress products.
  • Academic institutions, governments, nonprofits, and more than 450 of the Fortune 500® are all Progress customers.
  • Our experience and skill with Sitefinity applications makes us an ideal partner for companies seeking to streamline their web operations.
AmericanEHR Responsive Design

Adopting Sitefinity

The first step in adopting Sitefinity is to find a partner who understands your enterprise’s goals and can help develop an actionable, measurable plan. Hot Tomali’s experience with Sitefinity makes it an ideal partner to begin this process with. Through our in-house Interactive Design Document (IDD), we tease out all the little requirements your IT projects need to succeed, making your transition to Sitefinity smooth and stress-free.

Already a Sitefinity customer?

Hot Tomali offers numerous programs, from training to co-development with your organization. We create marketing campaigns that push Sitefinity customers to greater heights and help them achieve the kind of rewards associated with the platform. Some of our most successful campaigns have put our customers in leadership positions. In 2014, we drove American EHR to 3rd place in the top 50 Health IT blogs as awarded by CDW Healthcare. With Fraserway RV, we marketed Recreational Vehicles to customers across Canada and the United States, exceeding their campaign targets.

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