ACP is the second largest physician group in the U.S., consisting of over 130,000 members. ACP wished to build a mobile application that simplified the existing paper-based CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) immunization schedule, a national tool highly adopted by ACP members among other physicians all over the U.S. This schedule assisted physicians in the identification of vaccines for patients, setting guidelines for vaccine administration by various criteria such as age, condition, and work setting.

While containing valuable content, many physicians found the CDC immunization schedule confusing and difficult to navigate. In addition, each time the schedule was updated, significant time was required to update and distribute a new document to its users, effectively meaning that many physicians were not utilizing the most current vaccine recommendations when treating their patients. The paper-based schedule was also impractical as physicians would not carry it around with them.

Quick Efficient Connected

Hot Tomali worked with ACP to create a simple iPhone/iPad application, Immunization Advisor, allowing ACP to distribute vaccine information to physicians quickly and efficiently. The new application allows users to specify a specific set of criteria so they can quickly find recommended vaccines, as well as detailed and organized information for every vaccine.

What We Did

  • UX Design
  • App Branding & Design
  • iOS App Development
Immunization Advisor on iPhone & iPad

Vaccine Criteria Filters

  • Age
  • Conditions (e.g. asthmatic, diabetes, pregnancy, smoker, etc.)
  • Work Setting
  • Travel
  • Sexual Activity
  • Addiction
  • Living Arrangements
  • Family Planning

Additional Features

  • Automatic CDC Vaccine Schedule update notification
  • Library of all vaccines
  • ACP news feed with alerts and treatment recommendations
  • Resources containing additional information and helpful links
  • Mailing list sign-up
Find Vaccines
Recommended Vaccines
Vaccine Info

Quick Efficient Connected

  • Widespread Adoption: To date more than 55,000 clinicians have used the app to generate more than 275,000 vaccine recommendations
  • Improved Healthcare Delivery: App reduces time for clinician to make vaccine recommendations, thereby enabling them to see more patients
  • Better Patient Outcomes: Ensuring that the most up-to-date vaccine schedule is being used gives patients the best possible clinical outcomes
  • Reduced Cost of Care: Healthier patients and reduced wait times lead to a cost savings for the entire healthcare system
  • Impressive Recognition: A recent national survey by the ACP showed that the Immunization Advisor is the 10th most popular clinical app used by physicians in the US