A key program for the American College of Physicians (ACP), Practice Advisor, is an online community and education program originally developed to help its users prepare for recognition/accreditation as a medical home. Since its creation, the program has gained traction with over 2,000 licensed practices ranging from solo physician practices to large groups. With user adoption steadily increasing, ACP realized several key enhancements were needed to facilitate the program’s long-term growth, including the expansion to include various clinical modules that help physicians evaluate and improve their everyday practices. In addition, ACP sought to introduce various licensing and pricing levels among user roles, customizable user accounts, and advanced reporting features.

Improving Practice Performance

After a thorough discovery process with ACP, Hot Tomali helped evaluate their current situation, the program’s needs, and various technology platforms that could facilitate its growth. This resulted in a blueprint for a new program design outlining how users would interact with key site features.

Developed using Sitefinity’s robust web platform, the core of the program was divided into a series of modules, each containing background information, case studies, and an ACP Practice Biopsy, which presents select resources upon completion of a user’s responses to a series of survey questions. A historical record of each completed biopsy is stored in a user’s account, which can be monitored by practice or group administrators. Administrators can then review and compare the performance of specific practices by their location and users. This makes it easy to compare and locate deficiencies among practices or individuals.

What We Did

  • Community Development
  • UX / UI
  • Web Design
  • Sitefinity (.NET) Web Development
  • Analytics
  • Custom Dashboards
Practice Advisor Home
Practice Advisor Modules

Additional Features

  • Master Library: The library contains videos, documents, and website links. Resources are presented as recommendations to users who complete practice biopsies, and can be sorted by topic and type.
  • Forums: Program members can view and contribute to a series of discussion threads on the site, which may be monitored and edited by the site administrator.
  • Videos: There is a dedicated videos section where members can view various videos by topic, and submit videos for posting on the site.
  • Registration: Users can register and pay for the program online, with two licencing options, each providing users with different functionality. Users who register as administrators may invite other practice members to be managed under them.
  • Reporting: Practice administrators can view and compare biopsy scores for all individuals within their practice. They can also compare scores among the entire Practice Advisor community, making it easy to isolate performance deficiencies and suggest appropriate resources for improvement.
  • Ad Server: The website is integrated with an ad server, allowing ACP to place and manage advertisements and run reports on an ad hoc basis to drive additional revenue and funding.
Practice Advisor My Biopsy Reports
Practice Advisor P2P Videos

Enhancing Patient Care

The Medical Home Builder 2.0 launch has created some exciting results:

  • Members’ biopsy scores can immediately be used to make key decisions to improve patient care.
  • ACP now has a direct line of communication with its members, and can notify them of new product releases and other ACP news.
  • ACP has a web analytics framework that measures everything on the site from registrations to forum activity to biopsy participation rates.
  • The program has received steady adoption and positive feedback from major medical organizations.
  • ACP is able to easily manage all content on the site including creating new modules/programs in-house.