Encouraging a Deeper Understanding

Covenant House Vancouver exists for those young people for whom there is often no one else: young people aged 16–24 who have either willingly fled physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse, or those who have been forced from their homes.

To our surprise, many people assume that street kids are “lazy punks” who are simply having a good time partying, choosing not to work or go to school. Nothing could be further from the truth. Covenant House taught us that most street kids left their homes to get away from violence or sexual abuse, or because they became addicted to drugs or alcohol at a young age.

We decided our strategy would be to portray the streets themselves as the villain. The campaign focuses on the streets as a catalyst for addictions, crime and sexual exploitation.

What We Did

  • Creative Development
  • Campaign
  • Radio
  • Broadcast

Christmas TV Spot

Opening Doors For Homeless Youth

Covenant House’s ad campaign was a hard hitting, but honest portrayal of the impact that the streets can have on a young person’s life. Our client reported that almost immediately after launching the campaign donations were up. Some people called in to say that the ads had struck a chord, and they simply felt compelled to do something as a result. Michelle Clausius, Manager of Communications at Covenant House, says that this was the first time since inception that a marketing campaign had ever generated that level of response.