The Public Health Association of BC has experienced challenges reaching advocates of immunization at the community level. British Columbians have expressed confusion as to whether or not vaccinations are healthy. These discussions live online, often communicated and spread through social media, perpetuating inaccurate information. As the benefits of vaccination are currently presented in a non-interactive way, there is the need for a solution to educate and empower pro-immunization citizens within a social media environment.

Immunity Community

PHABC challenged Hot Tomali with the task of creating a campaign and channel that would promote immunization and point the public to the I Boost Immunity website.

Hot Tomali tackled this task by not only repurposing the website’s content, but also encouraging compelling new, user generated content that could be shared across a number of mediums and social media platforms. Each share and post would result in higher user engagement and publicity for I Boost Immunity.

What We Did

  • Branding
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Drupal (PHP) Web Development
  • Community Management
  • Social Media Integration (Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram)
  • Achievement Badges & Reward System
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I Boost Immunity Responsive Website
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Immunization Advocation

As with many online communities monitoring is critical to maintaining a high standard of relevant website communication. As individuals can submit articles, pictures, stories as well as comment within the site itself; all communications are approved before posting to the live site. To further utilize social media users can upload images from their Instagram to be shared within the website. This provides pro-immunization advocates with relevant and accurate information to share, motivate and educate within their online social circles.