Virtual Workers

The City of Penticton’s goal was to build a campaign to grow the population of Penticton, specifically by attracting virtual workers to Penticton. By bringing your own job with you to Penticton, the employment challenges are mitigated making the transition to the community easier.

#PentictonWorks was set up to raise awareness of Penticton and its unique lifestyle attractions to be front of mind for savvy virtual workers. Virtual work is more than an abstract, techy concept — many companies now pride themselves on having employees all over the globe. It is expected that by 2016, 1/3 of the global workforce will be virtual and that by 2020, 58% of all employment will be contract based.

What We Did

  • Online Marketing Campaign
  • Social Media Marketing Campaign
  • WordPress Microsite Development
  • Content Creation

Work Virtually Live The Dream

#PentictonWorks comprised of an online advertising campaign pointing to a newley created microsite Both Google AdWords and Social Media advertising was created leveraging key benefits of working virtually in Penticton. The key messages of the campaign were concerned with not only the lifestyle benefits, but also the prevalent issue of housing affordability, especially when comparing to the soaring costs of housing in Vancouver.

To supplement the online ad campaign and provide users with a constant stream of new content, Facebook and Instagram accounts were set up, as well as the microsite. To prove how viable working virtually in Penticton really is, Hot Tomali sent a few of its members out there for a week to not only perform their daily duties, but help build microsite content in the form of a journal. Team members met with other virtual workers, business owners, and indulged in all the city has to offer, reporting back to the community and building a mailing list for the City to interact with. The blog is a great foundation, which the city is constantly updating today.

PentictonWorks Microsite

Gather Round Our
Water Cooler

Facebook Campaign

  • Impressions: 576,965
  • Page Likes: 8,352
  • Microsite Clicks: 10,474 Microsite

  • Visitors: 38,117
  • Pageviews: 54,983
  • Time on Page: 2:09

Google AdWords

  • Impressions: 6,184,180
  • Clicks: 23,888