You had me at arf!

Hot Tomali was initially approached to develop an app that showed nearby dog parks.  During the build of the iOS app it dawned on us that this had the potential to be so much bigger! We liked it so much we partnered with founder Alister and chairman Brutus (the Frenchie) to create the ultimate mobile utility for dogs and their humans. The end result is Pooch, the first social network that encourages people to do more with their four-legged friends. Within the app users can add, share, and discover dog-friendly businesses; explore nearby dog parks; engage in local Play Dates with other dog owners; and, use the app to send an alert to nearby dog owners in the event that their dog goes missing. Pooch strives to connect communities and dog lovers alike, while allowing dog-friendly establishments to be found with ease.

What We Did

  • UX Design
  • App Branding & Design
  • iOS App Development
  • Awareness Campaign

Key Features

This app gets a serious tail wagging.

Leveraging mobile, we are able to curate local offerings for dogs all in a single easy-to-use interface. Need a nearby groomer? Veterinarian? Pet Store? Or do you just want to go check out a dog park? This information is at everyone’s fingertips with the click of a button. Inside the interface, users can filter to their needs, and we take advantage of mobile location services to find and suggest establishments nearby.

It’s a dog-meet-dog world. No typo here.

Through Pooch’s search functionality, when a user selects a park or a business they can then find the details of the establishment, like hours, pictures, phone numbers, address, and even mobile guided directions. Featured businesses can also offer direct booking requests and offer promotions right in the app. If they love the place, they can leave a review and rating so other locals can check it out as well. To save a business, a user can add them on their favorites list for easy-access. Matching people with their needs, and engaging dog-friendly businesses has never been easier.

Pooch makes walking your dog, well, a walk in the park.

Users can explore nearby parks using the search function. If they want to have some fun with their dog at the park, or meet nearby dog-owners, they have the ability to check-in and share their activity. From there, the Pooch community can see who has recently visited the park, who is currently at the park, and at their discretion, they can add or join Play Dates with other dog owners.

Mark new territories.

Pooch is the place for dog owners to meet other likeminded people nearby and be discovered in their community. We are a growing network of dog-owners and dog-lovers which can lead to lasting friendships that come from a common interest – a love of dogs!

Just arrived in a new city? The Pooch app connects travelers and their furry best friend with locals allowing them to find dog-friendly things to do while exploring new communities.

Doggy playdates. Oh, it’s a thing. #TinderSchminder

After meeting others within the community, Pooch users can organize Play Dates! This is the secret sauce of the platform which encourages meet-up’s between dog-owners.

Dog owners are in complete control as they can schedule a Play Date, or filter through Play Dates at other people’s request. If they happen to drop into a local park they can join a Play Date that’s already happening! A great ice breaker connecting strangers and their pets while maintaining a sense of privacy by containing all contact strictly within the Pooch app messaging service.

After a Play Date is done all parties are encouraged to rate their Play Date, leaving the community feedback about the other owner(s) and their pets.

To supplement the release of the app an awareness campaign was created including posters, billboards, window decals for businesses and wild CraigsList postings!


Window Decals

Wild CraigsList Postings


Pooch allows business owners to become community partners, giving them the resources to drive additional business to their dog friendly establishments. Partners are able to have priority search listings, add promotions to their page, and create simple lead generation call to actions such as “Book an Appointment” or “Request a Quote”.

Download the app.