Graffiti as an artform can be beautiful to look at, but tagging and vandalism is an ever increasing problem that businesses face on a daily basis. Removal services have proved to be very expensive, so Seicoat developed an Anti-Stick Graffiti Coating for buildings as an alternative. By applying a coating of the clear solution to the outer walls of your building, graffiti can be removed by simply wiping the wall with a wet towel. Hot Tomali were approached to develop an innovative solution on a tight budget to raise awareness of the product in Metro Vancouver.

Abracadabra Decal

Hasta La Vista

Hot Tomali employed the talents of local graffiti artist Shady Cherubim to create decorative graffiti tags with a series of farewell messages: “Bye Bye,” “Hasta La Vista,” and “Abracadabra.” The artwork was then digitized and made into decals which were placed on a number of prominent commercial buildings where graffiti was common. The decals had light adhesive on the back and a tab on the front which read “pull here” to direct people to remove the tag. Once removed a simple message on the reverse read: “We remove graffiti just as easily” and directed them to the Seicoat website.

What We Did

  • Campaign Strategy
  • Campaign Development
  • Non-Traditional Marketing
Graffiti decals were placed on prominent businesses
Abracadabra - Upon closer inspection business owner peels decal off
Abracadabra - A message on the reverse reads
Hasta La Vista
Bye Bye
Bye Bye - Reveal