Hello SpeakOut, L8r Contracts

SpeakOut is 7-Eleven’s prepaid mobile phone service known for providing 75,000 Canadian users with a truly simplistic and affordable contract-free talk, text, and browse solutions.

“You buy the phone. You buy the time. And then you start talking and texting, with no monthly bills, no contracts, and no commitments or fine print trickery.”

Launched in 2005, SpeakOut had always been an offline-driven program, with a brochure-style website. Due to the contract free nature of the program, there was no customer database or method of officially communicating with their users, or selling their products online. The audience was there. They just needed the right tools to engage with them.

SpeakOut Wireless Homepage

Talk Txt Click

Hot Tomali worked with 7-Eleven to completely reshape the SpeakOut program’s online presence by adding a dynamic new website equipped with several user engagement tools. The entire technical and creative solution was put in the hands of Hot Tomali—a perfect example of marketers engaging with an agency to improve core aspects of their company’s business.

After a deep business discovery with vendors, distributors, and payment gateways, Hot Tomali developed a creative solution whereby users could easily access information about the SpeakOut service, locate 7-Eleven stores, activate phones and vouchers online, manage airtime, text, and browsing bundles through a personalized & phone-verified “My Account” section.

What We Did

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Ecommerce
  • Shipping & Fullfilment API Integration
  • Custom Reporting
  • Analytics
User Profile & Account Information

In September 2011 Hot Tomali launched 7-Eleven’s first ever e-commerce website, marking a significant milestone for the 84-year-old company.

Following the redesign of www.speakout7eleven.ca, the e-commerce launch now provides over 100,000 Canadian customers with the necessary tools to manage their prepaid phones entirely online. Customers can now top up their accounts to instantly gain airtime for their phones, and/or activate a variety of value plans & add-ons, without ever visiting a physical 7-Eleven store location.

SpeakOut Phones
SpeakOut Slingshot

Turning Browsers Into Buyers

  • Achieved second year sales in the high 7 figures
  • 636% program growth in 18 months
  • 50% increase in website page views
  • 32% increase in average time on site
  • 10% increase in site traffic
  • 6% decrease in bounce rate
  • Implemented ability to top up phone plans dynamically on the website
  • A decrease in customer service as customers don’t have to call to activate / deactivate phone features

With this new online presence, 7-Eleven staff can easily add and edit products and promotions—and essentially manage all website content. A custom web analytics program also allows 7-Eleven to track and monitor user activity including member behaviour and conversion rates in key site areas. All of this will help 7-Eleven facilitate actionable data-driven decisions.