Generally, there’s nothing better in agency life than winning a new piece of business. Unless, of course, you can win a piece of business twice. This winter, we had the pleasure of experiencing just that when we were reunited with Silver Star Mountain Resort for the second time.

For this year’s Silver Star campaign, we teamed up with Marke Dickson, Director of Sales and Marketing. Marke was previously the head of marketing over at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort (another BC-based resort and Hot Tomali client), and we were thrilled to get an opportunity to work with him. Again!

This year, Silver Star was looking for a competitive edge in the resort marketplace. To accomplish this, they came up with a great concept: every full-day lift pass and season pass would now provide access to all of the mountain’s major amenities, including skiing, snowboarding, tubing, ice skating, nordic, and snowshoeing.

Our first execution was a print campaign consisting of 3D ice illustrations that visually convey all of the things available to do on the mountain, like skis, hockey skates, beer mugs, and snowboard boots — when grouped together these objects formed snowflake designs.

One Pass Endless Fun - Blue
One Pass Endless Fun - Green
One Pass Endless Fun - Red

To support this messaging at the resort, we built a giant snowball to showcase all of these activities rolled up into one, huge ball of fun. The “snowball effect” conveys the endless opportunities available with the new Silver Star pass, and was supported by our campaign tagline: “One Pass. Endless Fun.”

Resort guests have been lining up to photograph themselves in front of this monolithic snowball for over three weeks already, and we’re hopeful that we’ll get a positive response from our application for a Guinness World record for this 12-foot tall, 18,000 kg snowball.

The campaign is supported with online advertising, radio, and TV advertising. For social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Silver Star is using the hash tag #endlessfun to encourage engagement and audience involvement.

Welcome back Silver Star. Some things are even better the second time around.

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