It never fails to surprise us how design can have such a strong impact on a site’s performance. Recently we had the opportunity to do a complete redesign for one of our client’s blogs:

The legacy blog, which always produced quality niche content, was launched very rapidly with little planning and design thought.

With this opportunity, and a team full of ideas, we went through our standard process: identifying the blog’s goals, defining the audience, and documenting everything we felt could improve the blog’s performance.

Here are the key changes resulting from this process:

  • Design overhaul to illustrate authority and importance
  • Highlight featured posts to focus discussion around hot topics
  • Place emphasis on blog contributors to build credibility
  • Place more emphasis on comments to facilitate content creation and reader ownership
  • Associate an image with each post to stimulate interest
  • Simplify post categories associated for streamlined topic navigation
  • Improve the blog’s structure for better search engine optimization
  • Add social share options (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) to improve reach

Only one month after launching the new blog, the number of pageviews had almost doubled, while visitors maintained a strong average time on the site. Even several months after the blog’s launch, traffic has been higher than ever before.

This occurred with no additional promotion, the same content contributors, and the same post frequency — the only change being the new design.  Now the AmericanEHR blog, which was once an undervalued area of the site, is one of the top performing and key selling features of the program, facilitating the community’s growth.

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